Carpet is an investment which offers long terms benefits, all it demands is cleaning on regular basis. It is also important to avoid cleaning with powerful products, as they can lay harmful effects on you as well as your carpet. Also make sure that suitable underlay is used for the carpet, as it will safeguard your carpet in year to come.
Things to remember
Before commencing the process of carpet cleaning, it is important to go  through the types of spots and stains you will confront. Also you should be aware of your carpet type and company’s cleaning recommendations for the cleaning of your carpet. Here are a few options which can be used for cleaning:
Powder Based Cleaners:
If your carpets get soiled with dryness and dust, spots completely locked in then it are advisable to use a stain remover in powder form. These removers based on powders are supposed to be sprinkled on the spots and then wiped off.
Liquefied Stain Removers:
If you find stains made by liquid products like coffee, soft drinks or wine then go for treatment based on liquefied removers for stains.
Steam Cleaners:
Steam cleaning of carpet is a highly popular method of wiping off stains off your carpet. But in the entire process you should make sure that your carpet doesn’t gets damaged. Opt for good quality steam cleaner to get optimum results out of it.
Professional Help
If you are completely unknown and untrained in the field of carpet cleaning, then don’t go for it. Instead call up a professional company for carpet cleaning. These experts employ various methods to make the carpet clean and also the methods used are perfect for your carpet type.

How to respond a sudden spill!
You should be prepared beforehand for any sudden spill. Apply right techniques to remove them off your expensive carpet before they soak in and get permanent. Take care while using cleaner and avoid strong techniques or chemicals when cleaning spots. One wrong technique and the stain can get spread or become even worse. Start the basic cleaning with water and clean piece of cloth. Keep stain remover as a last resort.
As products of stain removing comes along with strong chemical and side effects. Always remember to use gloves and goggles during the process. After the process, remember to maintain your carpet on a regular basis and follow up with its condition.