If you own a dog, it is sure that you must be aware of the fact that even trained and best behaved dogs often get small accidents. It is not a happy occasion to face your pet’s urine puddle accompanied with its assistant dog stink. The combination of carpet and dog urine is quite smelly and unpleasant. But don’t get horrified and alarmed, as you should possess the material for cleansing of your hands, once you become aware of the clean up process of dog urine. The following are a few techniques to assist you in the whole procedure:

  1. Antiseptic should never be used, as it always has adverse reactions to the urine’s ammonia and may also end up in leaving stains plus bad odor in your carpet.
  2. You should never use cleaner based on ammonia for the cleaning process, as the odor of ammonia act like a magnet for your pet dog and it may also urinate on same position.
  3. The puddle should be sprayed with siphon soda or you can spray it on the affected area. Spot it with a neat and clean napkin or small towels, until dried out. Also shower baking soda on the same area and leave for at least twenty minutes, vacuum afterwards.
  4. Additional technique is utilization of powder of soda bicarbonate; it should be showered on the urinated area. Once it is absorbed, sweep it nicely and soak as much as possible. Then the fitted carpet should be washed with a mixture of soda bicarbonate and Luke warm water. Let it dry entirely before vacuuming.
  5. Also a mixture of similar amount of soda bicarbonate and corn flour should be used to eradicate the urine smell of your dog. Before going to sleep, sprinkle the mixture on affected area and the entire fitted carpet. It will assist in getting rid of smell successfully and will make your carpet smell fresh and clean.

Last but not the least; remember that you should never penalize your pet dog for urinating or messing the fitted carpet of your home. Instead take your pet out for a walk or exercise more often. This will assist in stimulating the dog’s body performance. Optimistically, such unexpected accidents can be avoided, however even if you confront such issues rarely, after going through the article you can definitely handle such issues.