They are stinky! They scar your carpets
We cannot deny the fact that cat is the most charming and elegant pet to have in your home. But it comes with a cost; not just the cost of buying but the fragrant spray that the animal drops around the home. So if you have recently bought some beautiful carpets, you have a very strong reason to worry because these droplets are staunch enemies of carpets. Besides the stain, they leave behind an obnoxious smell, which can embarrass you in front of guests.
Oh man, you should check out the new vacuum cleaner. It is called Hooover Steam Vac with Surge Clean. And trust me it is one exterminator of the cat urine like you have seen never before. At first, I was also apprehensive about its effectiveness. I wasn’t ready to pay more than $200 for this shit cleaning! But I thought why not try this newer product as it boasts a number of new and promising features.

Assembly was darn easy. I am not a tech savvy, and don’t know to operate any device beside my hair dryer. But assembling the Hooover Steam Vac with Surge Clean was easy. I just followed the directions given and within few seconds, it was ready was some impeccable cleaning. And I must say, that the work that this beauty did, had not been possible with a regular vacuum cleaners. My god! I hated those stinky marks and I was very worried about how to get rid of them. Thanks to this amazing cleaner, now even your pet can’t smell where it last launched its last missile. 

Now my rugs are clean and clear, and they smell good. The obnoxious smell has now completely disappeared. I had tried many cleaning detergents over it, but all of those rigorous scrubbing and cleaning went in vain. You may feel that the stain has disappeared after a few attempts, but the stink, phew, it’s stubborn; it just not leaves your home.

I have won the fight with those filthy stains and now my cats need not feel embarrassed. I know that my lovely pets will continue to urinate on it, for they find no cozy a place like these fluffy carpets. However, I am ready now. Having this magical cleaner on my side, I don’t need to worry about any obnoxious smell or stains. Now no one can stop me to keep my carpets clean and sanitized. It is often jaw dropping for guests when they find that despite the two feline animals that I have in my house, my carpets look good as new. And not a wind of smell!