It is a natural thing that when people enter your home, the first thing they look at is the floor and more than often they unconsciously judge whether or not your floor or carpet is clean. It is however very easily to stain carpets and therefore mess up the appearance of your home. Spills can easily happen but the hard part is cleaning the resulting stain.
Whenever we move into a new house, we always enjoy that feeling of newness of the carpet between your toes and of course we walk bare-footed around the house in all comfort. But as time passes and due to lack of proper maintenance which cause dirt to accumulate and penetrate into the carpet’s fibers, it becomes uncomfortable to go around bare-footed.  Furthermore, whenever you walk on a dirty carpet with wet feet, it mixes the dirt and dust to further dirty your carpets which eventually it's magnificence. Moreover, besides this obvious ugliness there is high risk of catching allergies from the accumulated dirt and dust.
Restoring your carpet to its original condition will require more than just vacuuming once a while. You will have to hire a professional carpet cleaner to get rid of all the stains dirt you have built up over the years. Remember that a clean carpet will go a long way to prevent the spread of diseases and allergies. Bacteria thrive in dirty and damp areas in which they can easily reproduce and when a carpet stain penetrates the surface, mold and mildew accumulate beneath creating the breeding for them. Insect and pests such as ants and rats also get attracted to dirty carpets as dirty carpets most at times contain sweet stains from spills such as wine. You need to take care of your carpet so as to avoid being infested by these pests. 
Clean carpets always give your home a new look, besides preventing the infestation of pests in your home. This guarantees a safer environment for you and your family members, when you walk bare-footed on your carpet. Your friends and visitors will definitely feel more comfortable in your home and as such, they will always want to visit you more. This is the advantage of having a cleaner looking and cozier home. The advantages to keeping your carpet clean are really countless and thus, you should get your carpets cleaned if they are stained or just dirty.