It is quite important to keep a commercially used area organized and well maintained as it lays impression on the potential customers and visitors. Such tasks are supposed to be handed over to a team of professional cleaners, who now their job well and are highly skilled in it.
If you decide on hiring a professional company for Janitorial cleaning then it will be easy to forget about those worries related to building maintenance and you will be able to focus on management of workers and everyday responsibilities.
Above are a few tips that may assist you in maintaining and conduct the Janitorial cleaning of a Commercial building:
1. Assure that you hire a Cleaning Company that has a credible background with quality history. Also pay a visit at their website and assure that they have received satisfying feedbacks from their clients.
2. Make sure that you have set specific priority for your requirements and have researched on the ability of the company. Your list of priority task should include Plumbing, Electrical System, Water work, Air Conditioning and Heating.
3. Which kind of contract are you looking for? Is it for long time or for a short period of time? If you aim for daily maintenance of your company, then you should go for a long term contract, otherwise you should decide on short term for the sector that doesn’t need regular attention.
4. Always request on proposals. The document should specify the specific services that can be expected, the specific level of standard that should be met and should offer excellent price for the job quality required.
5. Assure that they are registered with the Organization of Janitorial and other associations including BSCAI, CMI and IFMA.
Common Services Provided by Professional Cleaning Companies are:
1. Cleaning of the restroom
2. Waxing/Stripping- Floors
3. Overall Cleanup of Office
4. Drapery, Carpet and Upholstery Cleanup
5. Wiping out Windows
6. Cleaning and maintenance of Parking lot sector
7. Landscaping and care of Lawn
8. Night cleanup
9. Recycling
10. Pressure Washing
11. Cleaning after construction
12. Cleaning in Emergency
13. Cleaning of Fresh Construction
14. Light Bulb Cleaning
15. Painting
16. Maintenance of Filter of Air conditioner
17. Day & Night Cleanup – Full or Part-time
18. Cleaning and Maintenance of Vending and Break room areas
19. Maintenance and Cleanup of Floor: Carpet, Ceramic, Marble, Vinyl, Concrete and so forth