If you work from home, you should note that it is very important that you keep your office clean. It can be harder to stay motivated when you do not have a boss looking over your shoulder, but if you keep your working area clean then it is much easier for you to be able to get the work done.
The first thing that you need to think about is how you store all of your paperwork. Nothing is more stressful than knowing that you need to find a document quickly, so it is much easier if you know exactly where it is. You should buy a filing cabinet, as this means that you would be able to add multiple files into it and you can label these so that it is easy to find documents. It may also be useful to scan pages and save them as image files on your computer. They take relatively little space, and this means that you can dispose of the hard copy without having to worry about the fact that you might need it again at some point in the future.
If you often find your desk cluttered, despite having a filing system, then you should make a habit of clearing things up as you go along. As soon as you have finished with a piece of paper, you should file it away. This means that you will never be overwhelmed by the amount of things on your desk, and it will always stay clean. It is also important that you do not keep things that you no longer have a use for. If you know that you’re never going to need a piece of paper again, then it makes sense to throw it out before it just takes up key space in your filing system.

You should ensure that you have a cleaning schedule for your office. This part of the house can sometimes get overlooked, but it needs just as much attention as any other. You should use a vacuum cleaner alongside other cleaning products to ensure that your office is always clean and tidy.
Finally, if you have got into the habit of eating at your desk, then this is something that you should stop. It can get very messy, and it is simpler to take a break during your lunch time.
If you keep your office clean, then you should find that you are able to gain benefits from this which will improve your overall productivity: something that is vital when you’re working from home.