In nine months of pregnancy a women should be concerned about the changes in her and unborn child’s body. Therefore she should be cautious of each and everything associated with them. One of the most important factors of concern is the commodities employed in the home cleanup. The above is the list of highly recommended products to be used in pregnancy.

  1. The Carpet Stain and Spot remover- Seventh Generation:

This product consists of natural components. The site of this product also enlists the components used in carpet cleaner, which includes hydrogen peroxide, oils necessary, and extracts of botanic from spices as well as plants and water. It helps in elimination of bad smell and maintains your carpet. It should not be utilized in the steam cleanings process.

  1. The Seventh Generation Citrus for removal of carpet stains and spots:

Similar to other Seventh Generation products for cleaning, it is also comprised of non-toxic, natural components which assist in removal of spots and elimination of bad smells. This product includes all products specified above and can’t be employed in steam cleaning process.

  1. Birsch Industry’s Non-foaming Shampoo for Carpet:

It is a cleanup product for carpets having scent of lemon and is employed for the machinery of carpets. It doesn’t leaves a sticky residue unlike other carpet cleaners and the carpet dries out rapidly after the process. The motionless electricity of fibers in the carpet is also removed.

  1. Absolute carpet cleaner- EnvirOx

It is a six in one carpet cleaner and with the help of Hydrogen Peroxide it deodorizes and cleans your carpet. The components of this cleaner includes renewable sources derived by plants. The complete range of cleaning products is free from petroleum and non-toxic.

  1. The Upholstery and Rapid spot Cleaner- EnvirOx:

It clears numerous spots from your upholstery and carpets. The sources of spots may include wine, soda, coffee, stains of pet, food and polish of shoes. It uses hydrogen peroxide for the removal of tough stains and spots.
These are the most preferred products which should be used by expected ladies, to keep them and their child safe. They also contribute to the safety of our environment as they are composed of nature friendly components and may help in the safety of upcoming child. You can try on these products before hand so that it can be tried by the pregnant women as well.