Nowadays, it is rare to see a home without a carpet and so people can use some good tips on how to clean a carpet. It is very embarrassing to avoid inviting your family and friends over because your carpet has stains and a bad odor. This dirt might the result of very playful children and pets or even food and drink spills. But whatever the reason, you can get rid of dirty and stained carpets and consequently avoid bad odors.
Firstly, in order to make your carpet last longer you should vacuum regularly. This so because dirt can build up and penetrate into your carpet’s fibers and extensive damage as well as allergies. Heavy dirt build up can make it very difficult to clean a carpet.
Secondly, do well to clean u spills and stains immediately they happen so as to avoid bad odors and permanent stains. Should the spill be solid, try to scrape off as much of it as possible with dry paper towels before tackling any resulting stain on the carpet. Avoid rubbing the spill, try to gently pick or lift it off the carpet so as to minimize the stain. After having scraped of the spill, you can then clean the spot with clean water. Remember to dab or blot out the stain in circular motions while working from the outside inwards. Avoid scrubbing because this can cause extensive damage to your carpet.
Lastly, use mild cleaning agents on a stain; that is if water does not do the trick. Adding a little detergent can rid your carpet of most stains you come across. If this method does not work, you can research to find out what stain removal tips are available. Keep in mind that, some cleaning solutions may damage your carpets, thus it is best only cleaning agents designed specifically for carpet cleaning.
Another thing to remember is to put on working gloves in order to protect your skin. Do test your cleaning agent on an inconspicuous area of carpet to make sure that there is no risk of discoloration. Do not over wet the spot; spray little quantities of your cleaning agent and dab away the spot in circular motions. After this, rinse the spot with clean water and dab it dry using a clean white towel or cloth.
It is not fun to always break your back trying to clean up spills in order to avoid stains and bad odors. But this is worth the pain once your house is clean and cozy.