Steam carpet cleaning services in Fishers Indiana
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  • Carpet cleaning Fishers, Indiana
    Clean Pro LLC is the guarantee of a job well done. We offer the best prices for you to improve the look of your house and also to remove any hazards to your health.
  • Upholstery cleaning
    Cleaning your upholstery is very important if you want to increase its life. Contact us and benefit our low prices and great experience. Our experts will help you keep the beauty and the clean appearance of the fabric.
  • Tile and Grout cleaning
    In time, the dirt accumulated on the surface of the tile and grout can cause the surface to appear dirty and fade and if the cleaning it's not done regularly it's not possible to get it clean by normal methods.

Professional carpet cleaning Fishers, Indiana!

With qualified technicians and specialized tools Clean Pro LLC guarantees a fast and efficient cleaning, so that you carpet will get a fresh look once more. With this combination of experienced technicians, powerful tools and experience, Clean Pro LLC is the way to efficient and affordable carpet cleaning.

Even if you buy cleaning equipment and you try to do this job by yourself doesn’t guarantee you’ll do a great job. There are some stains that simple won’t disappear. Pet hair, different drinks spilled on the carpet and other unwanted dirt can make you carpet really hard to clean. There are many products on the market but it’s hard to tell which one is good for the type of stains your carpet has. You can also use by mistake a product that can be harmful to the carpet and even to people because of the residues they leave behind after cleaning. Don’t bother with all this. Give us a call and allow our technicians to solve this problem for you.

Our Services

Upholstery cleaning
Cleaning the upholstery requires trained technicians and appropriate chemicals. There is no point in buying expensive chemicals and vacuums when you can benefit our low prices and guaranteed quality.
Tile and grout
Do you remember the gleam of your tile and grout when you purchased it? How hard did you try to restore that gleam using various detergents and chemical without any results? No need to worry, CLEAN PRO LLC has the solution. Give us a call and we will restore that gleam using specialized tools and chemicals.
Water extraction
It sometimes happens that a pipe bursts or heavy rain floods your basement. In this case there is no time to waste. Just call us and we’ll solve the problem with a fast and efficient approach. With the appropriate equipment and trained technicians we will solve your water problem in a professional manner.


They cleaned our carpets, rugs, and a couch. The service turned out good. They did a really good job. We were pleased with the service. They were good people and we would hire them again.
Carpet cleaned 3 bedroom hallway and stairway removing all stains in 4th room. Very punctual, extremely professional, listen well and answered all my questions...
I purchased a big deal from Angie's List and unfortunately let it expire; that said I needed the carpets cleaned so I gave them a call and asked if they would honor part of it ...
Michelle Dyess
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