Due to escalating rate of inflation, more and more individuals are looking for better means of earning. If you are among those who desire to earn money by working independently and in your own way, then carpet cleaning business is ideal for you!

All you need is to concentrate on two key factors, a product to offer and a client to get interested in it. Although carpet cleaning business is not a big deal to handle, but basic know how with regards to carpet cleaning, removal of stains and limits of your equipments is very important.

Basic Equipments
Equipments that are required to give your business a start up boost is a ‘vehicle’ required to reach to the carpet cleaning site, chemicals for conducting it, supplies for cleaning and Unit of carpet extraction. Once you have your hands on above stated equipments, your focus should be on getting insured.  As it is not at all a good idea to visit a client without being insured.
Spread the Word
After practicing thoroughly on your equipment and getting insured, now it is time to get in touch with clients. Networking should be your first choice for promotion; also commercial in local newspapers can be an effective method as they offer cheap and targeted means of advertising.
Carpet Cleaning Service & Client
Now that you have got yourself a potential client, it’s a perfect time to shows your skills and acts like a professional. When providing cleaning service, remember that you are responsible for someone else’s property and will be paid to your service. Before commencing the carpet cleaning service, allow your client to show you around for trouble spots. Don’t forget to let the client know if it is possible to wipe out the trouble spot and be honest if you find it difficult to remove. After completing your carpet cleaning service, it’s your turn to show your client around and let him know if some spots were left unresolved. Provide them a proper explanation for it and suggest treatments which can turn out to be helpful for carpet. Make sure that you wave good bye to a happy client!

Follow ups
Don’t forget to maintain a list of your customers and report on with them annually to see if they need a cleaning service again. As years pass by you will build reputation and add clients to your list while expanding your carpet cleaning business.