If given proper care, a wool carpet can last longer while preserving its beauty and magnificence. This is so because, wool is a natural fiber that repels dirt and keeps it at the surface where can be easily clean by a vacuum cleaner. But the down side is that, it easily stains and the stains can become permanent if not rapidly taken care of thoroughly.
By hiring professionals to clean your carpet every 1-2 years, you ensure its longevity. But remember that wool will shrink if it is constantly in contact with excess water and under high temperatures. Even a cleaning solvent with a neutral Ph level can change its color permanently.
Great care should be given to Oriental rugs, particularly to those are very old, because their natural dyes tend to bleed. Maintaining a wool carpet properly includes:
1. Proper and regular vacuuming
2. Use of mats in traffic lanes
3. Rapidly blotting stains when they occur
4. Hire professionals once a while
· Vacuum properly and regularly while focusing on traffic lanes in order to remove dirt before it accumulates and penetrates into the carpet.
·Pass the vacuum cleaner slowly in order to ensure that you have absorbed as much dirt as possible. Always make sure that the vacuum bag is empty the often; it should not be more than half full preferably. Purchase a vacuum equipped with a flexible beater bar/brush and when vacuuming, you should make sure that its brushes barely touch the carpet. Do well to replace worn out belts and brushes.
Use mats to Protect high traffic lanes:
Place door mats at entrances and high traffic lanes. Remember to clean these mats regularly or they may become an extra source of dirt.
How to remove stains
·Act immediately the stain occurs
·Use only wool friendly products.

What to do when a spill occurs:
1. Dab with a white paper towel
2. Spray tiny amounts of your cleaning solvent on the cloth or towel and dab.
3. Cleanse with warm water, but make sure not to over-drench the carpet. Then with a clean cloth dab way the water.
4. To eliminate excess dampness, gently press paper towels on the spot
5. Once the spot is dry, fluff it with your fingers.
Hire professionals once a while
Despite regular vacuuming, fine articles of dirt will build up and so it is necessary to hire professionals every 2 years to deep-clean your carpet.