Even though carpet cleaning agents are great when it comes to deep-cleaning, they may be hazardous to your carpet as they might wear and tear its fibers. Moreover, some of these chemicals may instead render some stains resistant. There are however, certain methods to removing stains professionally. Here are some tips on how to clean a carpet properly:
Proper Vacuuming of Your Carpet
Every carpet needs vacuuming and so it is advisable to vacuum your carpet at least once every week as this will go a long way to reduce the accumulation of dirt. With this, your carpet will remain in good shape for a longer time.
When it comes to wall-to-wall carpeting, it is better to partition the room you wish to clean into 4 quadrants and then, vacuum each partition separately. It is vital to vacuum slowly so that all dirt can be absorbed.
To eliminate bad odor, just spray some baking soda on the carpet and leave there for about five minutes before vacuuming. Do not use too much baking soda as this could destroy your vacuum cleaner. Do this at least twice a month.
Getting Rid of Carpet Stains
The best means to get rid of a stain is to act immediately it happens, as this increases your chances of removing the stain totally.
However, scrape off as much of the spill as humanly possible before using any cleaning agent. Make sure that the solvent you are using is a hundred percent carpet friendly, because solvents that contain bleach may and will result in fading or discoloration and may even damage your carpet. In is preferable to test the solvent before using it on your carpet.
It is very important to keep in mind that you should never scrub or rub the spot as this might further spread the stain. Start spraying your solvent from the outer ring and move towards the center and then dab the area dry. If the spot is still moist, put a dry cloth on it and press it down with weights in order to permit the wetness to be completely absorbed by the cloth.
If applied properly, these tips will help you maintain your carpet in great shape and for a longer time. It is really advantageous to know how to properly care for your carpet as it not only guarantees good health but also saves you replacement costs.