Traffic lanes refer to those places on your carpet which can become so dirty because they are frequently used and consequently become difficult to clean. These lanes are generally located at the entrances of your home or office, hallways, doorways and around chairs and sofas. Besides the dirty and ugly sight it causes, traffic lanes render carpets thin and frail because many people walk o these areas.
In order to give your carpet that shiny look it had at the beginning, it is recommended that you purchase a good vacuum cleaner, preferably one with twin motors. It should also have beater bars that will aid in lifting and detaching your carpet’s fibers, such that your carpet will have a shiner and newer look.
Cleaning traffic lanes can be very tasking and sometimes impossible because the dirt there has accumulated over a long period of time and infiltrated your carpets. For example, when you consider sand, you realize that it is the result of rocks that have been ground over time. So too is the dirt found on the traffic lanes of your carpet, when you keep walking over it, it penetrate the fibers in your caret. This causes extensive damage that is so difficult to repair.
We all know that prevention is better than cure, thus it is better to use door mats at the entrances into your home or office. More importantly, it is good to vacuum your carpet frequently, especially the traffic lanes. Another easier but effective way to reduce the accumulation of dirt on traffic lanes is to always displace your furniture around the house. Also, always check for stains on traffic lanes so that you can get rid of them rapidly before they become permanent.
Another useful tip is to buy carpets that have dark colors. Though carpets of cream and light colors are fashionable nowadays, they however show the least stain mark; whereas carpets of darker colors conceal some stains.
Finally, if all you do does not yield the desired effects, you can always hire professionals to clean your carpet. But let your expectations be realistic, as not even the best cleaner can guarantee that all the dirt you have accumulated over the years will be completely removed. Thus, to ensure better results, call them to clean your carpet every 2-3 years. Take into consideration the amount of traffic that your carpet receives, because sometimes it even better to call professional cleaners every 6-18 months to keep your carpet looking shinier and fresher.
If you put into practice these tips, you are sure to keep your carpets in good shape during a longer period of time, even the traffic lanes. This of course helps you save the money you would have spent to make expensive replacements.