There is a reason why so many people are fond of steam cleaning. This is considered as one of the most effective methods of cleaning, and provides to be very useful especially in case of removing stains. It does not involve harmful chemicals so you can be sure that the treatment won’t cause any harm to your clothes or carpets. It is also environment friendly as it is only the steam that you use. Some people have allergies against specific chemicals or their smell. Steam cleaning is the only way of doing this in a safer manner.

Why Steam Cleaning

The power of steam has been known from a very long time. This is particularly event in the field of medicine, where steam is an effective way of curing many diseases. Some carpet cleaning uses a mixture of steam cleaning and agitation. Based on the potential of this type of cleaning, steam cleaners are nowadays also sold in stores for everyday use.
The following types of steam cleaning are available for both commercial and domestic uses:

With Water

For a wet steam cleaning, you need to take boiling water and pour it in a device that would then release steam. This steam along with the force of water is powerful enough to remove dirt and stains. Once it has been done, the affected areas can then be treated with warm water.
Wet steam cleaning is very famous for outdoor projects such as cleaning of driveways and removing paint from wood and metal. However, this type of cleaning requires special equipment that does not only ejects steam but also sprinkles water on the material. It is this cumulative effect which works as a powerful force that drives away even the most stubborn stains out the object.

Without Water

In dry steam, you don’t need to sprinkle the water and it is only the steam which works to remove stains or clean the surface. Steam is generated by over-boiling the water and allowing it pass through a narrow nozzle, which generates the required pressure.
When it comes to carpet cleaning, a combination of wet steam and dry steam is used to get the maximum impact. Agitation is performed with the help of a nozzle as well as swirling brushes are used. Moist steam is sprayed on the affected areas to loosen the dirt and stains and then dry steam works its way to the depths of the carpet fiber. The vacuum then picks up the debris and leaves the carpet dry.