Don’t get horrified with a blood spill on your fitted carpet. You have a wide range of options for the removal of blood stain. Firstly, the situation is needed to be assessed, the patient creating flow of blood is being aided or not? As it would be useless to clean single stain while another one is being formed at some other place. Carpet cleaning Fishers

After assistance has been provided to the patient, you can start with the cleanup process. The most effective is use of spray cleaner for carpet; its cost will depend on the product’s quality you wish to buy. The cleaning products are intended to clean the carpeted area but it also depends on the potency.

If the blood stain is blotted up with the help of paper napkin it may result in pounding of the stain much deep in your carpet. As a result, in place of a tiny darker spot, a lightest red colored stain would be visible. Therefore, before starting the cleanup session, let the stain of blood dry completely as blood form clots together naturally. If the stain is dried out, the layer will become thick and will easily chip off before you start cleanup.

Try to chip off dried blood as much as you can. After flaking off you will witness that the carpet’s fibers are still stained but no additional blood will be stuck to it. Then a peroxide bottle should be taken and a small quantity should be poured on the stained area. Let the liquid rest on the stain and when steam is witnessed wipe the bubbles with the help of a paper napkin. Make sure that the product should be tested before its application, to make sure that there is no reaction on the carpet. Replicate the same act until the stain is not visible any more.
If the peroxide technique doesn’t produce expected results, go for something which is mostly present in your child’s bedroom- Mr. Bubble. A cap full of the liquid will do it all for you and will get rid of the spot completely. Scrub it for a few minutes and your carpet will be stainless once wiped out.

Moreover, you may also hire a carpet expert, use cleaner or if it’s a small area you may opt for washing machine. But always remember to test before the application of any product or technique.