On using the correct cleaning method you can make carpet cleanup very easy. The methods recommended by manufacturers depend greatly on the fibers like polyester, nylon, wool, silk, olefin, cotton, polypropylene or mixture of two. You can easily recognize best suited cleaning solution if you are aware of the fiber or blend of fibers used in it.
Carpet Cleaning Methods
There is hundreds of cleaning method which can be classified in accordance with the carpet type. Few common carpet cleaning methods are carpet shampooing, dry powder method, vacuuming, bonnet cleaning and external extraction. You can also employ a combination of any two cleaning methods.

  • Vacuuming is used for surface cleaning. It pulls off all the dirt present on the surface by higher pressure of air. It pushing dirt particles with sir pressure and then trap the dirt present on the surface, dust captured is filled in the filter bag.
  • Carpet shampooing is used for deep cleaning of the carpets. It generates foam through shampoo available for carpet and attracts dirt rooted in the surface of the carpet. The residue is sucked up with vacuum later.
  • A bonnet pad is employed for bonnet cleaning. This pad is soaked up with a cleaning solution and then with its high speed rotations the carpet is cleaned. It is half rinsed and its aim is to collect dust particles from its pad.
  • Method of external extraction is suggested by several manufacturers and cleaning experts.  It extracts the dirt out of the carpet by forcing in a mixture made of cleaning agent and water. This mixture is injected in form of steam and then it is extracted with the help of high pressured air.
  • The method of dry powder is used for dirt cleaning. Dry cleaning powder is sprinkled, which soaks in easily. It crystallizes the dirt which comes off easily with the help of brush scrubbing and the residue is vacuumed off later.

After selection of the most appropriate method for carpet cleaning, it is now time to decide the frequency of carpet cleaning. Factor that will be considered include, color of your carpet, type or degree of foot trafficking in your house and other factor or dust that cause soiling of the carpet. Deep cleaning is recommended once in a year by many experts and manufacturers. Whereas, surface cleaning is recommended every once in every week. Life of your carpet and damage caused to it depends greatly on the frequency of cleaning.